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We offer business, home, auto, and life insurance

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Home Insurance

We understand that home insurance is one of the most important financial protections you can purchase. At The Bruette Agency, we take the time to help you understand your options and determine what coverages will best fit your needs.

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Auto Insurance

Buying or renewing an insurance policy can feel like a monumental task. At The Bruette Agency, we resolve to make shopping for auto insurance easier than ever. Our agents offer a free annual On Your Side® Review, which helps identify any gaps in your coverage and makes sure you’re getting the discounts you deserve. With the level of customer service provided, you can take a more proactive approach to your auto insurance without taking up your whole afternoon.

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Life Insurance

Life insurance is more than just an insurance policy for most people. It’s one of the essential protections for your family’s future and well-being. Trust that with the help of our licensed agents, you can get more from your policy than just a nuts-and-bolts policy explanation. Because life insurance may have an impact on your other insurance and investment decisions, you need someone who truly understands the nuances associated with different policies and what this means for your financial protection.

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We work with new customers and determine their best insurance strategy

January 28, 2015 No Comments

The storm that stuck around: The makings of Alabama’s ‘Snowpocalypse 2014’

It wasn’t the typical kind of Alabama snow day. Not by a long shot. What many expected to be a minor winter weather event with a dusting of snow suddenly turned chaotic on Jan. 28, 2014, as snow fell, melted on roads and then refroze, paralyzing most major thoroughfares and stranding thousands in central Alabama. […]

January 26, 2015 No Comments

How did Birmingham win the 2021 World Games? Meet the man behind the vision and the victory

Birmingham’s successful grab of the 2021 World Games is largely the result of one man’s curiosity after a sports excursion with his wife and a friend. When Scott Myers traveled to the 2013 World Games in Cali, Colombia, his only intention was to enjoy the sporting event. He ended up with much more. “We took […]

January 15, 2015 No Comments

Teen drivers have a hard time accurately judging location, distance and speed.

How Teen Drivers Judge Distance, Location and Speed Teens see the world differently than adults. The challenge of driving among other cars requires the brain to do more than 100 complex visual-spatial calculations a minute. Teen brains aren’t quite there yet. They haven’t fully developed the ability to accurately judge location, distance or speed. Teen […]